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JUNETEENTH SUNDAY 6/23/24 “Immortal View” – II Corinthians 5:14-20

Digging In:

There was a rare phenomenon on a beach one day, when the tide carried in thousands of starfish onto the sand and left them stranded on the shore. As the tide went out, it would leave them all to die. A young boy saw them and began frantically picking them up and tossing them out into the water to save them. A bystander nearby hollered at him, “Hey, son, there are so many of them, what you’re trying to do won’t be able to make a big difference!” The boy, while tossing the next one out in the water replied, “It made a big difference for that starfish!”

    • In what ways is this a picture of evangelism?

II Corinthians 5

    • 14-15

compel: force or oblige into action, by use of force or pressure, drive forcibly.

    • GREEK: συνέχει (synechei): press, urge, impel (propel)
    • According to these verses, why does Christ’s love compel us?
      • What does it compel us to do?
    • 16-17
    • How does it change the way we see all people in our world, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, or even sinful lifestyles?
    • 18-20
    • His love in our hearts compels us, so what does God expect of us as his “ambassadors” here in the world
    • Read Romans 8:3-10
    • What is at stake for each “starfish” we have within our reach?


PRAY: Thank God for His love that reconciled YOU into the Water of Life! Pray for the “ALL” (the whole of mankind) that are dead in their sins and that Jesus’ death and resurrection is able to give life to! Look for those within your reach and seek to make a big difference in each one you can!

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