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Crossroads Family Church

Where life meets faith!

Worship services: Sundays at 10:00am & 5:00pm

Our Ministries

Nazarene Missions International

NMI is the global missions advocate in every local church nurturing a spirit of missions and mobilizing into action.

Men’s Ministry

Focusing on three core values which are accountability, fellowship and service.

Pastor's Word

WELCOME to our Crossroads Family Church (CFC) web site and thanks for visiting! We invite you to come and connect with us in person. LIFE IS NOT DESIGNED TO BE LIVED ALONE.

“God set the lonely in families…” – Psalm 68:6

In recent years, social media has created a false and lacking sense of social interaction. The Covid years drove people deeper into the practice of isolated connectivity. I believe that people are hungry for true interpersonal connectivity today.

God has given us His vision for us to be a “family of faith.” We have restructured our schedule to make connecting as easy as possible. We are a great place for families to fellowship, AND a great place for individuals to find their faith family.

God’s Word is preached and taught among us, worship is vibrant in this place, and fun is had by us!

We invite you to come and connect, grow, and enjoy life in our family with us!

The Word Was God

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Sunday Evening
Sunday Evenings with Dr. Dave Wolfe
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Dr. Dave Wolfe
Sunday Evenings with Dr. Dave Wolfe
Ropa Nueva
“The kingdom of heaven is like…” Jesus’ parable introduction in Matthew 13:24

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