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Robert Franklin

Board Member

Brief info

Hi, my name is Robert. I’ve had the joy of being an active member of the Cerritos Family Church for well over 25 years. Along with 31 delightful years of marriage to my wife, Lisa, we are also blessed with 6 awesome children, 3 wonderful (growing) grandkids, and a menagerie of dogs and cats who, miraculously enough, coexist peacefully. Lisa and I also have the pleasure of running our 20-year-old property management company in Los Angeles.
Basketball and reading are my go-to hobbies, but my faith in Jesus goes beyond a casual interest. It’s a cornerstone of my life, a source of constant growth and connection. And, lastly, while coffee isn’t my drink of choice, if it were, I’d probably be reaching for a “Lisa-brand” cup every morning.