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CINCO DE MAYO SUNDAY 5/5/24 “¡Ropa Nueva!” (“New Clothes”)

Thinking about it:

What is one of the “hurts” you have experienced that has been the most difficult for you to forgive the offending party?

  • Any you still haven’t been able to forgive?

What is one of the more significant “hurts” you have caused another person for which they have forgiven you?

  • Any one you still wish would find the ability to forgive you that hasn’t yet?

Read: Exodus 20:12, Deuteronomy 21:18-21 and 14:8

  • How do you think these verses shaped the Old Covenant culture to which Jesus came and ministered?

Read: Luke 15:11-13

  • In light of the cultural context, how egregious was the violation of the youngest son and the pain it inflicted on the father in Jesus’ parable?

Read: Luke 15:14-20(a)

  • How desperate did the son have to be to go back and expect anything from his father?
  • What risk did he take in that culture as he returned to his father?

Read: Luke 15:20(b)-24

  • In what ways can we see the depth of the father’s love for his son in his response?
  • What did it mean for the son’s standing and future with the family?

“The kingdom of heaven is like…”

Jesus’ parable introduction in Matthew 13:24

  • What does this parable reveal to us about the kingdom of heaven?

How does this parable relate to the baptism of believers?

  • Galatians 3:26-27
  • Ephesians 4:22-27

PRAY: Thank our Heavenly Father for His incredible love that, in spite of the pain our sin has inflicted on Him, desires to accept us back into His Family! Examine your “wardrobe” that may still smell like “pig slop” and seek to be fully clothed in your “¡ROPA NUEVA!”… NEW CLOTHES!

Consider this: Is baptism, the welcoming “hug” of the Father, an experience He wants to have with you?