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Thinking about it 

Just a couple of weeks ago, March 17, was the 39th running of the Los Angeles Marathon. Twenty-five thousand runners took to the streets of L.A. in the grueling 26.2-mile course starting at Dodger Stadium. 

People begin preparing years in advance for running a marathon. They build up their body’s ability to endure the event with regular runs of shorter distances. They will usually schedule their routine to run a “10k” (6.2 miles) one year, a “half-marathon” (13.1 miles) the next year, a “25k” (15.5 miles). This builds up their stamina while providing appropriate recovery time for the body to peak at the time of the Marathon. 

Finally, the day comes… the starter’s gun fires… the proper amount of training including proper rest and restraint gets all poured out in the “peak performance” leaving it all out on the course. 

  • Why is rest and restraint a vital part of preparing for the “main event?” 
  • How do all the years of preparation and anticipation impact the sense of fulfillment a competitor feels once they break the tape at the finish line? 

The Passover weekend of Passion Week was Jesus’ “Main Event” that all of heaven, Jesus included, had been preparing for since before human history. Jesus was preparing his humanity for it all of his earthly life as we discussed on Palm Sunday. The “starter’s gun” was fired with His arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane and the “marathon” of giving His life for us was on! He could have dropped out of the event, “tapped out” if you will, at any time in the process!  

Take the time to read:  

  • Matthew, chapters 26-28 
  • John, chapters 18-21 

Let the story speak for itself. How do you see the Love Jesus has for people? How about for YOU? 

Yeah, that’s it… just think about that. 

PRAY: Thank God for His Love for you that is demonstrated through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Ask Him to help you Love others as He Loves you. Who do you know that still needs to experience the Love of God through Christ. What lengths are you willing to go through to demonstrate God’s Love for them through YOU?